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 Effects of Heat Treatment Processing on the Microstructure 
and Mechanical Properties of ZL114A Aluminum Alloy


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 Effects of Heat Treatment Processing on the Microstructure 
and Mechanical Properties of ZL114A Aluminum Alloy
 KANG Fuwei1LI Ruyi1QIAO Xin2ZHANG Jimin1FAN Dezhi1
 (1School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150040,China;
2Aero Engine (Group) Corporation of China Harbin DongAn Engine Co LTD, Harbin 150066, China)
 Keywords:ZL114A alloy heat treatment microstructure mechanical properties
 Abstract:In order to study the effects of heat treatment on microstructure and properties of ZL114A aluminum alloy, microstructure observation and mechanical properties test of ZL114A aluminum alloy after different heat treatment were investigated by optical microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM), transmission electron microscope (TEM), and tensile testing machine The results show that, with the increasing of the solution temperature from 505℃ to 550℃, fuse, spheroidization and coarsening phenomenon occurred in eutectic silicon of 〖JP2〗ZL114A alloy, hardness, tensile strength and elongation were increased, reached the maximum value at 535℃/12h, 〖JP〗897HB, 280MPa and 66%, respectively At the solution temperature 550℃, because grain become coarse and arise overburnt feature, the hardness and tensile strength decreased dramatically Therefore, suitable for the solution process is 535℃/12h The solution treated ZL114A alloy was aged at various temperature for 6h, the results show that with the increase of aging temperature from 140℃ to 170℃, the tensile strength increased from 286MPa to 345MPa, while the elongation decreased from 62% to 40% At 155℃, the tensile strength and elongation were 315MPa and 52%, respectively Comparing with ascasting ZL114A alloy, the tensile strength increased by 81%, and elongation increased by 108% According to the actual demand of the enterprise, the optimum heat treatment process is 535℃/12h +155℃/6h


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