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emperature and Concentration Analysis of Induced Ventilation 
System in Large Broiler House


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emperature and Concentration Analysis of Induced Ventilation 
System in Large Broiler House
 WANG FangWANG PenghaoXU Hongxiang
 (School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080, China)
 Keywords:broiler house ventilation induced ventilation temperature concentration
 Abstract:Aiming at the problem of the high concentration of harmful gases and poor air distribution in an intelligent control broiler house in China, the mathematical and physical models of induced ventilation system were established According to the finite volume method, the corresponding boundary conditions were set up Numerical simulation has been done by Airpak It is analyzed how to set the parameter of induced fan and factors in broiler house, including the velocity, temperature, and ammonia concentration The results prove that the induced ventilation method can effectively solve the problem of high temperature and ammonia concentration in broiler house, achieve the better ventilation effect, and improve the environment quality in broiler house when the induced fan is set at 15° of the declination, and 12m of the appropriate longitudinal spacing,and the horizontal spacing from 7m to 75m


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