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 Resource Scheduling with Uncertain Execution Time in Cloud Computing


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 Resource Scheduling with Uncertain Execution Time in Cloud Computing
 LI ChengyanCAO KehanFENG ShixiangSUN Wei
 (School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080, China)
 Keywords:cloud computing resource scheduling fuzzy programming chaotic disturbance
 Abstract:For the problem of cloud computing resource scheduling, based on the fuzzy programming theory, a fuzzy cloud resource scheduling model under timecost constraint was set up, the uncertain execution time of tasks is represented by the triangular fuzzy number, and the target is to minimize the average value and standard deviation of the evaluation function An improved chaotic ant colony algorithm was proposed to solve the model, the elitist strategy is introduced to optimize the pheromone updating, a chaotic mapping with infinite folding times is used for chaotic search, and the adaptive chaotic disturbance mechanism is designed to enhance the global searching ability The model and algorithm were tested on the Cloudsim platform, the reliability of the model was proved, and the experimental results showed that the proposed algorithm had better performance in convergence speed, solution ability and load balance


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