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 Light Source Detection Algorithm in Realtime Scene Based on Single Tag(PDF)


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 Light Source Detection Algorithm in Realtime Scene Based on Single Tag
 SUN BowenSUN JianTANG Beibei
 School of Computer Science and Technology,Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150080,China
 Keywords:lighting detection illumination coherence combination of virtual and real objects argument reality
 Abstract:The illumination coherence in augmented reality is an important means that makes virtual objects get realistic. It can make the computergenerated virtual objects blend into the real scene In order to archieve the illumination coherence of augmented reality, this paper modifies the present algorithm and proposes a algorithm based on single tag This new method collects the brightness of the identification marking in any direction to make sure which direction the light source might be; it compares the brightness of the identification marking with the brightness of the virtual objects to ensure the brightness of the light source; it determines the color of the light source by getting the color of the marker portion of no inkjet Experiments show that in meet the realtime and stability at the same time,the average angle between the virtual light source which is estimated by using the algorithm in this paper and the true source is 43 degrees,and the virtual objects can correctly cast shadows


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