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Algorithm of 3D Face Location Using Geodesic Distance(PDF)


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Algorithm of 3D Face Location Using Geodesic Distance
 LIN Xuan-jiLIN Ke-zhengSUN Yi-diWEI Ying
 School of Computer Science and Technology,Harbin University of Science and Technology,Harbin 150080,China
 Keywords:face location geodesic distance wiener filtering nose tip location
 Abstract:The traditional twodimensionnal face positoning unable overcome the rotation, expression, posture, and own a low accuracy in the location We join the geodesic distance on the 3D face modle and proposed the algorithm of threedimension location using geodesic distance We use wiener filtering to preprocess the 3dimentional face datas for the detecting image and confirm the location of the face by finding the location of nose point in the preprocessing image called nose tip location Then we unify the human faces to the same coordinate frame Finally, and mark the face region to be detected in the resulting image The algorithm makes the experiment on FRGC face database and BU3DFE face database, uses the depth information positioning method and spiders feature point positioning methods for comparing The experimental results show that our algorithm of positioning accuracy is higher, stronger and has good robustness


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