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 Effect of Moisture on PD Characteristics of Oilpaper Insulation in Complex Electric Field(PDF)


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 Effect of Moisture on PD Characteristics of Oilpaper Insulation in Complex Electric Field
 LIU Qingsong1DENG Jun1CHI Minghe2CHEN Qingguo2
 (1Maintenance & Test Center, CSG EHV Power Transmission Company, Guangzhou 510663, China;
2Key Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Its Application, MOE, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080, China)
 Keywords:converter transformer oilpressboard insulation complex electric field moisture partial discharge
 Abstract:In order to study the effect of moisture on PD characteristics for oilpaper insulation in complex electric field, PD tests with different moistures were carried out under the typical electricfield of oilpaper insulation The PD characteristics under needleplane electrodes and planeplane electrodes were obtained sepratedly in complex electric field with different moistures The result shows that DC content has a great effect on the inception voltage and PD volume All the PD volume grow up with the voltage rises under different moisture In severe nonuniform electric field, PD volume in high moisture is always larger than the one in low moisture or equal to it In uniform electric field, the PD curve in high moisture crosses with the one in low moistureVia analyzing, it is concluded that the conductivity in oil is increased by moisture, which makes the space charge disappeared easier from oilwater interface, and then enhances the PD volume There may be a bubble combination defects PD model in liquid dielectrics, besides a classic bubble defects PD model The bubble combination maybe the major reason which results in the PD curves in high and low moisture crossing over under planeplane electrodes


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