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 Research on the Electric Field Distribution and Structure Optimizing 
of Integral Prefabricated Joint and Taped Joint


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 Research on the Electric Field Distribution and Structure Optimizing 
of Integral Prefabricated Joint and Taped Joint
 CHEN Zhenxin1YU Enke1WANG Yang1ZHOU Zewei2
DUAN Ran3
QUE Shanting2LE Yanjie14CHEN Guozhi14
 1State Grid Zhoushan Power Supply Company, Zhoushan 316021, China;
2Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co., Ltd., Ningbo 315000, China;
3School of Electric and Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080,China;
4Zhejiang Zhoushan Marine Power Research Institute Co, Ltd, Zhoushan 316021, China
 Keywords:DC cable joints finite element simulation electric field distribution
 Abstract:Integral prefabricated joint and taped joint are two kinds of widely used cable joint Because of the different structure and conductivity of insulation, there is great difference in the electric field distribution between the two kinds of joints  In this paper, 50kV crosslinked polyethylene high voltage dc cable joint is selected as the research object, models of Integral Prefabricated Joint (silicone rubber insulated) and taped joint (oil impregnated paper insulated) was established and the electric field distribution in the joints was analyzed by comsol software It is found that the electric field at the root of stress cone reached 45kV/mm for Integral Prefabricated Joint The electric field at the root of stress cone was nearly 0kV/mm for taped joint but the electric field at the top of reversed stress cone reached 30kV/mm By optimizing the structure of the taped joint, the maximum electric field is reduced to 7kV/mm By using Teflon as the taped insulation which can reduce the maximum electric field to 3kV/mm The research is a reference in the HVDC cable joints design


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