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 Research of the Cooling Performance of Wind Generator 
under Radial Multiple Structure Features


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 Research of the Cooling Performance of Wind Generator 
under Radial Multiple Structure Features
 DING Shuye XIA Lei LIU Jianfeng WANG Yue LIU Ye
 School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin 150080,China
 Keywords:wind generator fluidsolid coupled radial ventilation duct optimization
 Abstract:In order to improve cooling effects of permanent magnet wind generator and reduce the operation temperature, a 3MW permanent magnet wind generator was taken as an example, physical model of three dimensional stator and rotor fluidsolid coupled was established on the basis of the basic assumptions considering ventilation characteristics and structure feature of generator, and the solution conditions was given According to hydromechanics and heat transfer theory, temperature field and fluid field was calculated numerically using finite volume method At the same time, some structures were proposed in view of radial ventilation ducts, and the fluid flow performance and main components temperature of different schemes were analyzed The results indicate that, by reducing the axial size of the radial ventilation duct can effectively improve the cooling performance of the motor The maximum temperature rise in solution was 604K lower than the original one when adopt schemeⅢ


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