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 A Parametric Modeling Method for the FieldCircuit Coupled 
Model of Synchronous Generators


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 A Parametric Modeling Method for the FieldCircuit Coupled 
Model of Synchronous Generators
 LIU Zhihui1XIAO Shiyong1SUN Xiaobo1WANG Qingdong2LI Haicheng2
(1.School of Rongcheng,Harbin University of Science and Technology,RongCheng 264300,China;2.Shandong Huali Electric Motor Group,Rongcheng 264300,China)
 Keywords:synchronous generators internal faults fieldcircuit coupled parametric modeling fault analysis
 Abstract:In order to solve the problem that the preprocessing of building the fieldcircuit coupled model for analyzing the internal faults of synchronous generators is timeconsuming, a parametric modeling method for the fieldcircuit coupled model is given in this paper This method applies to establish the fieldcircuit coupled model of synchronous machines with different dimensions, salient and nonsalient and different winding types Moreover, a 1400MW turbogenerator is taken as an example, and the fieldcircuit coupled model is built using the parametric modeling method, then the transient process of this generator during the internal faults is simulated It shows that the air gap magnetic field located in the internal fault area is serious distortion, and a strong evenorder harmonics appear The magnitude of the fault currents are very large, which may result in terrible damages to the machine the damper bar current peaked periodically, and the period equals the time of one rotation of the rotor


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