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 Experiment and Simulation Analysis of Castinplace Urea 
Formaldehyde Exterior Wall External Insulation System


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 Experiment and Simulation Analysis of Castinplace Urea 
Formaldehyde Exterior Wall External Insulation System
 ZHENG Yuan1WANG Li2XIA Yun3
 1Shanghai JiangHuancheng Architects & Engineers Co, Ltd, Shanghai 200070, China;
2School of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China;
3Heilongjiang Province Academy of Cold Area Building Research, Harbin 150080, China
 Keywords:urea formaldehyde exterior wall external insulation system ABAQUS simulation crack simulation
 Abstract:In order to design exterior wall external insulation system as urea formaldehyde is taken as the insulating layer, some material experiments are carried out to determine the material parameters of all parts in the system Two schemes of exterior wall external insulation system are designed, which use calcium silicate boards as exterior formwork The finite element software ABAQUS is utilized to simulate two systems under temperature deformation, shrinkage of insulating layer and wind load by model building Constructional measures of both schemes are put forward Finally, urea formaldehyde foam insulation uses the brittle cracking constitutive model in ABAQUS as its constitutive relation to investigate the possibility of insulating layer forming into heat bridge because of crack propagation The numerical results show that the schemes of exterior wall exterior insulation system for civil high buildings in severe cold area like Harbin can meet the demand for safety and economy It is recommended that Ф24mm cylindrical ABS connectors and 6mm thick calcium silicate boards should be chosen in exterior wall external insulation system when the building height is below 30m These can meet not only the demand for safety, but also the rules of not forming heat bridge in the insulation layer


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