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Journal of Harbin University of Science and Technology is a comprehensive academic journal sponsored by Harbin University of Science and Technology. Adhere to the All flowers bloom together. ,  as the guideline, contention of a hundred schools of thought actively promote the progress of science and technology, extensive academic exchanges, timely promotion of scientific and technological achievements, the rapid spread of information technology, science and technology productivity as soon as possible, to better serve economic construction and modernization. At the same time, adhere to the report of our school teaching and scientific research, based on the school, for the country, the world’s focus on the purpose of publication. Strive to establish academic journals at home and abroad with an impact, high level, high quality. The journal is bimonthly, every 25 published bimonthly.
 Journal of Harbin University of Science and Technology for Chinese core journals (2014 Edition); Chinese core journals of science and Technology (core board); in addition, the United States was also  Chemical Abstract  (CA), the United States  Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (NATURAL SCIENCE) (CSA), the U.S. Stephens  (Eh EBSC, host database), the United States uhlich the Journal Guide (Ulrich P D), Sweden Development Access Journal Guide  (DOAJ),  Chinese math digest , China journal net, Wan Fang data digitized journal net database and more than ten kinds of abstract journals indexed and cited.

The main columns and contents:
Computer and control engineering mainly published in the field of computer, automatic control and other aspects of theoretical research and application of technical papers.
Physics and mathematics mainly published in mathematics, chemistry and physics and other disciplines of theoretical research and applied research papers and related disciplines of the new trends, new achievements and other papers.
The electrical and electronic engineering major published research on theory and application of motor and electrical appliances, electrical technology, electrical theory, power electronics and automation, electronic and information technology, high voltage and insulation technology papers.
Mechanical power engineering mainly published in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, material forming and control engineering, industrial design, thermal and power engineering and other theoretical and applied research papers.
Materials science and engineering are mainly published in metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, polymer materials and other related materials science and related disciplines of the theory and application of research papers.
Measurement and control technology and communication engineering mainly published in the field of measurement and control technology and instrumentation, communications engineering and other theoretical and applied research papers.